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The research of Cross-cultural communication ability training in English teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.086


Ming Yang

Corresponding Author

Ming Yang


Since the ancient times are the teaching of foreign language teaching is an important subject. In recent decades, due to the communication between countries is more and more big, in addition to teaching language, foreign language teaching, undertake the task of the teach cultural knowledge. Intercultural communicative competence in students' oral English communicative verbal and nonverbal that means to eliminate communication barriers, smooth completion of the capability of communicative activities. Under the new situation of global economic integration, English teachers should improve teaching methods, make full use of in-class and after-class two ways, choose appropriate teaching resources, undertake to the student penetration of cross-cultural communication consciousness, and cultivate their communicative competence.


English language teaching, intercultural communication ability, ability training.