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Research on Quality Assurance System of Distance Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.283


Ying Luo, Cheng Sun, Lehui Huang

Corresponding Author

Ying Luo


As an important part of the national education system, higher vocational colleges have made great progress in recent years with the support of national policies. The current wave of information society not only brings opportunities to the future of higher vocational colleges, but also challenges them in many aspects. For example, how to ensure that modern distance education promotes the effective development of vocational education has become a common problem in higher vocational colleges, and distance education As an important reliance on the development of vocational education, the quality assurance system is the key. This paper analyzes the relevant viewpoints of the domestic modern distance education quality assurance system in recent years, and combines the shortcomings and difficulties revealed by the use of distance education means in higher vocational education, and explores the quality assurance system's upper strategy and the lower level strategy of distance education based on the national level in higher vocational colleges and at the institution level.


Quality Assurance System, Distance Education, Vocational Education