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Research on the Innovation of Interactive Teaching Mode of Public Music Appreciation Course in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.280


Teng Guo

Corresponding Author

Teng Guo


With the progress of society and the development of curriculum reform, schools and teachers pay more and more attention to the development of students' comprehensive literacy. Music, as an artistic course, begins to play its aesthetic effect in junior high school basic education. As an important part of efficient public music teaching, appreciation course plays a key role in cultivating students' sense of music and developing students' aesthetic ability. Therefore, in the process of daily teaching, teachers should pay attention to the establishment of appreciation classroom, and grasp the educational effect of appreciation class and develop students' sense of music. Music appreciation is an important way and means to cultivate students' music feeling ability and aesthetic ability, and it is an indispensable part of music education in colleges and universities. After all, music class is different from other courses, which plays an important role in expanding students' vision of music, improving students' perception of music, memory and appreciation of music, developing imagination, enriching feelings and edifying sentiment. This paper studies the innovation of interactive teaching mode of public music appreciation course in colleges and universities, constantly reflects on its own teaching methods and corrects and innovates in time, so that the teaching of public music appreciation in colleges and universities can keep up with the changes of the times and ideas. Teachers should set up the teaching thought with students as the main body, so as to make the public music appreciation education in colleges and universities more reasonable.


Colleges and universities, public music, appreciation course, interactive teaching model