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Reflection on English Education of Intercultural Perspective at Private Higher Learning Institutions under the Background of Transformation

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.279


Yu Youqun, Zhao Shaoyuan

Corresponding Author

Yu Youqun


Culture develops an increasingly important role on communication, while the cultural barrier is crucial cause for cross language communication failure in today’s society. In recent years, private higher learning institutions gradually become the important power in the educational system, thus it has important significance on improve Chinese students’ language competence by studying English education of intercultural perspective at private higher learning institutions. In this paper, a questionnaire method is used to analyze the English teaching status at private higher learning institutions, explore the causes for cultural teaching shortage in English teaching at private higher learning institutions, propose the strategy to improve college students’ intercultural communication competence, and point out importance of cultivating intercultural communication competence.


Private higher learning institutions, English teaching, intercultural perspective, countermeasures