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On the Bilateral Growth of Cross-cultural Awareness in English Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.276


Ou Lianfen

Corresponding Author

Ou Lianfen


Since the reform and opening up, the cross-cultural awareness of English education in China has long focused on how Chinese culture adapts to British and American cultures. Its starting point is to "leap over" the influence of Chinese culture on British and American cultures, equate cross-cultural education with the introduction of British and American cultures, and enable English learners to enter various misunderstandings and cross-cultural communication capabilities. There are deviations in the cultivation of strength. With the increasing of comprehensive national strength and cultural self-confidence, English education in our country presents the two-way growth of cross-cultural awareness, which is the inevitable historical logic of conflict and adjustment among heterogeneous civilizations.


English education, Cross-cultural awareness, Two-way growth