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Construction of Computer Teaching and Training Platform in Higher Vocational Education Based on Cloud Computing Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.273


Yang li, Ding Yanbo

Corresponding Author

Yang li


With the continuous promotion of information technology in Higher Vocational colleges, computer teaching has become an indispensable modern teaching means in the teaching of various specialties in Higher Vocational colleges. The traditional management mode of computer laboratories has gradually fallen behind. The construction of cloud computing training platform in higher vocational colleges can solve the problems existing in the management of traditional computer laboratories. There are many problems, such as miscellaneous, cumbersome maintenance, high energy consumption, time-consuming and energy-consuming, and inflexible resource allocation. At the same time, it provides a training environment for cloud computing personnel training and scientific research.


Cloud computing technology, Higher vocational education, Computer teaching, Training platform