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Analysis of Web-based Teaching and Personnel Training in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.42


Yu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yu Wang


Colleges and universities are cradles of talents with innovative mind, providing many outstanding people to various fields in the society. In recent years, colleges and universities have carried out reforms in teaching philosophy, major setting and content, gaining good results. The reforms allow personnel in colleges and universities to realize their self-fulfillment in various fields and lay a solid intellectual foundation for national economic development. As a totally new teaching model, web-based teaching, which is flexible and intuitive, is built on technologies such as data and Internet. It can change the dull and monotonous model of teaching into vivid ones and arouse students’ interests in participating, thinking and exploring, in order to enhance the effectiveness of personnel training in colleges and universities. Starting from the development history of web-based teaching and personnel training, this paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges, which Internet technology and education might confront, and then specifically introduces the existing web-based teaching methods. And finally, based on the web-based teaching, this paper puts forward relevant measures in personnel training in colleges and universities in order to provide more supports for teaching reforms in colleges and universities.


Web-based Teaching, Colleges and Universities, Personnel Training.