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Research on the consumption status of gourd handicrafts of national-level intangible cultural heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.263


Fan Li, Nan Xu

Corresponding Author

Fan Li


This paper combines qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis to study the handicraft consumption of gourd, an intangible cultural heritage in Shanxi Province. Firstly, through contingency analysis and comparative analysis, the cognition of consumers on gourd handicrafts and the sales prospect are mainly investigated. Secondly, factor analysis was adopted to comprehensively investigate residents' views on traditional handicrafts and calabash handicrafts, their current understanding of calabash culture, residents' purchase, preferences, and potential consumption market. Finally, conclusions are drawn on the public's cognition of gourd handicraft, the consumption status, and the potential market demand, etc. Moreover, then Suggestions are put forward for the enterprise's sales and handicraft inheritance from the perspective of production, marketing, and publicity.


Gourd Handicraft, Cultural Cognition, Market Potential, Consumption Status, SPSS