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The Application of Multimedia Courseware in Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.262


Liu Chenyang, Zhu Bo, Wei Ye, Wang Shuai, Xu Haihang, Jin Dai, Xi Dan, Tong Xin, Wu Tong

Corresponding Author

Liu Chenyang


Multimedia teaching is accepted by many students and teachers for its’ own advantages like lifelikeness, visualization and large information content. Some advices dealing with the relationship between multimedia teaching and traditional instruction were proposed in this paper, and some advantages and disadvantages of multimedia teaching were also given here. According to author’s many years’ experience of media teaching, some kinds of specific recommendations were also brought up here, like those about media courseware making, how to play the leading role of teacher, how to promote the interaction between teachers and students and how to intrigue students’ enthusiasm.


Multimedia teaching, Traditional teaching, Courseware, Teaching effect