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On the scientific English Major Interpretation Instruction Directed by CBI Teaching Notion

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.261


Xiaowei Hou

Corresponding Author

Xiaowei Hou


Instructing interpreting class to non-English major college students is a helpful attempt, which fits into the great needs of interpreting talents in the market and aims to help cultivate major-related common interpreting talents in the future. Selecting appropriate students to attend interpreting class is undoubtedly the premise for the success of non-English major interpretation instruction. Some interpreting skills can be taught in the first two years of English courses for the preparation of the interpretation instruction in the third and fourth year. In the interpretation instruction, CBI teaching notion can be applied as the guiding teaching notion in different phases of instruction: pre-class phase, while-class phase and after-class phase. Task-based teaching method is often used to practice CBI teaching notion in the interpretation instruction. Various tasks closely relevant to the themes are designed for the students to fulfill. During the course of fulfilling the tasks, the students can learn the knowledge relevant to the themes, improve their interpreting skills and gain new interpreting knowledge. The after-class interpreting exercises and interpreting practice can help the improvement of students’ interpreting knowledge and skills, psychological qualities, etc.


CBI teaching notion, non-English major, interpretation instruction