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The inspiration and influence of Confucian education thought to College students' personality education and shape

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.083


Xiaofei Wang, Xiaolin Tian

Corresponding Author

Xiaolin Tian


As the main Chinese traditional ethics, Confucian ethics is that we can learn from today and take advantage of valuable resources. With the rapid development of modern society, especially the establishment of China's socialist market economic system, diversification of the market economy led to a diversification component orientation and moral values, moral concepts of university students has also been an unprecedented impact on college students ideological and political education has also suffered unprecedented challenges. On the basis of Confucian ethics dig a rich educational resources, combined with the ideological and political problems in the field of contemporary college students, based on the principle of inheritance critically discusses the Confucian ethics of contemporary ideological and political education of college students in the modern value.


Confucian education thought, College students, Personality education, Personality shaping, Impact.