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A Brief Analysis of the Relationship between Intercultural Communication and College Oral English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.251


Wen Jinfu

Corresponding Author

Wen Jinfu


With the continuous development of global economic integration, the economic, political and cultural exchanges between different cultural countries are becoming more and more close. Therefore, cross-cultural communication has become a problem that people in various countries attach great importance to. As a common language in communication between different countries, English is a bridge and a main tool for communication between different cultures and people, which makes cross-cultural communication an important goal in college oral English teaching. Therefore, in English teaching, we should pay attention to the infiltration of different cultures, so that students can strengthen their understanding of different cultures on the basis of mastering the basic skills of spoken English, and promote the practical application of students'spoken English skills. From this point of view, this study briefly introduces the relationship between intercultural communication and college oral English teaching, and focuses on the causes of language usage errors in intercultural communication and strategies to improve students'intercultural communication in college oral English teaching.


College English, Oral English Teaching, Intercultural Communication, Interrelationship