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Research on the Running Strategies of Private Colleges and Universities in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.245


He Yushan

Corresponding Author

He Yushan


Private colleges and universities are an important part of China's higher education system. Due to the short running time, there are inevitably some problems in the running process. Private colleges and universities in our country are highly dependent on tuition income in fund raising and have not yet formed an effective diversified fund channel. The government's assessment of colleges and universities and the adjustment of running standards have greatly increased the pressure on private colleges and universities to spend on infrastructure. The development of higher education needs to improve the level of private colleges and universities. In addition to external macro factors, private colleges and universities can work hard from their own strategies. The policy environment, market environment and competition environment of private colleges and universities are changing. The change of the situation objectively requires private colleges and universities to transform their development strategy as soon as possible, that is, from scale expansion to connotation construction. It is necessary to study the causes of risks in running private colleges and universities and put forward relevant strategies.


Private Colleges and Universities, Educational System, School-running Strategies