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Research on the Design of Task-driven Graduate Education Quality Evaluation System in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.242


Bo Cong, Jingshun Liu

Corresponding Author

Bo Cong


With the further development of the popularization of higher education, more and more attention has been paid to the evaluation of the quality of postgraduate education in China. A series of post-graduate education evaluation activities have been carried out, which has promoted the construction of degree authorization sites, improved the level of post-graduate education and the management level of degree-granting units, and played an important role in ensuring the quality of degree-granting. In theoretical sense, it enriches and develops the education theory of Sulfonate graduates, helps people to understand the connotation of education quality assurance more completely, and can make a further discussion. From the practical sense, help from the aspects of operation and system guarantee to curb the decline in the quality of graduate education, mass of hearing of our country should cultivate Wei age needs leopard its have higher innovative spirit and strong innovation bears power of high-level personnel is very necessary. In order to guarantee and improve the quality of postgraduate education in China, it is an effective way to construct the quality assurance system of postgraduate education in China. Under the organization and promotion of the government, the graduate education quality evaluation system is initially established under the unified leadership of the central government. Government departments at all levels and relevant ministries and commissions directly organize, initiate and implement a quality evaluation system with the main objectives of appraisal, supervision and control..


Task-driven, Postgraduate, Education Quality Evaluation System