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Talking about How to Effectively Spread Positive Energy in College Ideological and Political Courses in the New Media Age

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.241


Wansong Hu

Corresponding Author

Wansong Hu


China is in the critical period of social transformation and the period of scientific development opportunities. The important task of building a harmonious society is to put ideological security, political security and national security in the same position and carry forward the education of socialist concept of honor and disgrace. Teachers of ideological and political education in colleges should dare to speak in the ideological security struggle, and compete with online public opinion. At the same time, they can flexibly change the roles of network commentators and narrators, give full play to their professional advantages, effectively spread positive energy, and drive the development of online public opinion.


New Media Era, Colleges and Universities, Ideological and Political Class Teachers, Positive Energy, Communication