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Supporting Policy of Breeding Unicorn Enterprise in Shaanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.238


Jiang Yonghong

Corresponding Author

Jiang Yonghong


With the current economic development of China, as the growth power of the new economy, unicorn companies play an important role in upgrading new industrial technologies, new formats, new models and economic restructuring. Firstly, the related concepts and elements of Unicorn enterprises were expounded. Secondly, the current development situation of unicorn enterprises in Shaanxi Province was analyzed. Finally, the supporting policies for the development of regional unicorn enterprises were studied by taking the cultivation scheme of unicorns in Qinhan New City of Xixian New Area of Shaanxi Province as an example. As the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, unicorn enterprises not only play an important role in promoting the economic development of a country or region, but also have great significance in leading scientific and technological, industrial and social changes.


Unicorn enterprises, Shaanxi Province, Policy, Emerging Industries