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Problems in the Curriculum System of Tourism Management Major and Its Improvement

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.235


Bao Chunyu

Corresponding Author

Bao Chunyu


The new situation of tourism development and the new policy of tourism discipline reform put forward urgent requirements for the optimization and reform of tourism management curriculum system. The optimization of curriculum content and the setting of curriculum system are important aspects of the reform of education and teaching content. The curriculum setting is the core of the teaching plan. The perfection and rationality of the curriculum system fundamentally determine the teaching content of schools and the knowledge structure of students, and the quality of personnel training. Optimize the structure and proportion of professional curriculum system, highlight skills and ability training; pay attention to professional practice teaching arrangements; incorporate tourism service occupation awareness and tourism development education into the tourism management professional curriculum system. The curriculum system should be positioned and designed around the cultivation and promotion of students' core competitiveness. In the design of tourism management curriculum and teaching content, it should cultivate the application-oriented and high-quality management that can fully adapt and guide the development of China's tourism industry Talent as a guiding ideology.


Tourism Management Major, Course System, Reform