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Research on College English Teaching Reform under the Background of "Smart +"

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.233


Hanwen Zhang, Miao Liu

Corresponding Author

Hanwen Zhang


“Smart+” is often referred to as “Smart+ various traditional industries.” As a new form of society, it benefits all aspects of our lives. It not only expands the range of applications for smart devices, but also emphasizes changes in the production and lifestyle of smart devices. It also presents challenges and opportunities for college English teaching methods, teaching methods, learning methods and teacher roles. With the support of modern information technology such as smart devices, we can build a multi-mixed teaching mode of “MOOC + micro-course” and a new interactive learning environment based on “WeChat + mobile network teaching”. Personalized and independent students can be realized. Learning requirements and improving the quality of college English teaching are the inevitable trend of college English teaching reform and development.


Chinese English, Online Course, Role Conversion