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Mediocre Evil: Research on Alienation of Teachers' Responsibility Ethics

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.232


Yaping Lu

Corresponding Author

Yaping Lu


In the current development of education, although it has been well developed, in the actual process of development, many teachers have programmed their work, that is, to complete the tasks arranged by the education system in a step-by-step manner. The serious problem caused by this way is that it has some hidden dangers which are not conducive to the development of students, and even causes serious educational consequences. At present, the purpose of students'education is to master knowledge and its corresponding methods. Under the guidance of the idea of "mediocre evil", the relevant teachers only fulfill their duties as a professional person, but they can not assume their due responsibilities for students' growth and help, which leads to the future development of students. Serious impacts, especially the lack of spiritual guidance on students, make them homeless, and even lead children to go astray. Seriously speaking, this teaching method is simply stifling the development of children. Based on this, this paper, based on the evil of mediocrity of teachers, analyses the basic connotation, manifestation and harm of the evil of mediocrity, causes of formation and transcendence, and other related contents, thus providing research ideas for improving this teaching concept.


Evil of Mediocrity, Expression and Harm, Cause of Formation, Transcendence of Evil of Mediocrity