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Research and Practice on the Construction of Microlecture Teaching Resource Database of Pro-e Applied Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.226


Zhou Han

Corresponding Author

Zhou Han


This paper analyzes the necessity of the construction of micro-course resource database and the research status at home and abroad, and finds that the micro-course resources in Chinese colleges and universities are scattered and there is no systematic resource database of courses. Therefore, taking the construction of micro-class resource database of Pro/E applied technology as the starting point, this paper studies the establishment of a student-centered, systematic, resource-rich micro-course resource base with good interactive experience. In the teaching practice, the micro course Pro/E applied technology is student-centered, and the learning mode breaks the boundaries of time and space. The classroom adopts the integrated teaching of "teaching, learning and doing", and teachers assume more responsibilities. And can evaluate and optimize the micro course. The student-centered teaching concept can be promoted in mechanical courses. Meanwhile, the teaching mode of Pro/E applied technology, which is taught by teachers + students' practice + teamwork, can be used for reference to create a teaching mode that conforms to the learning situation and the nature of the course.


Pro-E Application Technology, Microlecture, The Construction of Resource Database, Teaching Mode