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Research on the Application of Flip Classroom Teaching Model in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.223


Yu Xia

Corresponding Author

Yu Xia


The model of "flipping classroom" reverses the two stages of knowledge transfer and knowledge internalization in traditional teaching to improve teaching effect. With the continuous development of information technology, educational informationization provides the necessary technological environment and a new concept of change for promoting educational and teaching reform. This paper studies the application of flipped classroom teaching mode in College English teaching. The research shows that the emergence of flipped classroom provides a new teaching mode for college English teaching. As a result, the traditional college English classroom has been turned over, which has improved the students' listening and speaking ability and self-learning ability, and created a new situation in college English teaching. As an innovative modern education method, flipping classroom teaching mode has been widely used in high school English listening teaching, and has been recognized by many college English educators, and has gradually become the main method of college English listening teaching.


College English, Flip Classroom, Teaching Mode