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Construction and Research of Diversified Environment for Computer Practice Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.218


Zhu Tianyuan

Corresponding Author

Zhu Tianyuan


Computer is a science and technology that pays attention to practical operation. It is far from enough to stay in the teaching of written theoretical knowledge. Only in practice can students really grasp the operation and use of computer and realize a deeper understanding of computer theoretical knowledge. Practice teaching is an important part of professional talent training program and one of the main teaching methods to achieve the goal of education talent training. Diversified teaching methods are integrated into computer practice teaching, and diversified practical teaching methods are established by simulating the corporate environment, diversified teaching content design and reform assessment methods. Incorporate into the digital practice teaching resources and management platform to serve computer practice teaching. The diversified environment of computer practice teaching will make students' practical ability to improve steadily. Practical teaching can provide students with personalized education, guide students to explore new knowledge, develop students' potential, and provide new talents in the computer field for the development of society.


Computer, Practical Teaching, Diversified Environment