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Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of College Students' Ideological Education in the Network Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.217


Yun Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yun Zhou


The influence of Internet on college students is various. The current situation, existing problems, basic ideas to solve them and the influence of Internet era on the content of College Students' ideological education are discussed. The key problem is how to avoid disadvantages. Therefore, the author of the network era to improve the effectiveness of College Students' ideological education path thinking launched a study. Research shows that the key to improving the effectiveness of ideological and political education for college students in the Internet era is to improve the operational mechanism of ideological and political work and avoid the flow of ideological and political education. Utilize the advantages of the campus network to expand the ideological education position; advocate the network moral self-discipline, and actively guide students to correctly use the network.


Network Age, College Students, The Effectiveness of Ideological Education