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Construction of Quality Assurance System for Talents Training in Applied Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.215


Zhou Gang

Corresponding Author

Zhou Gang


With the gradual deepening of the popularization of higher education in China, it is manifested in the expansion of the scale of higher education, and in the pluralistic development of higher education structural system. The training mode of applied undergraduate talents is a re-recognition and change of talents training in Colleges and universities in order to meet the requirements and specifications of the society for talents training in higher education. Teaching quality is the lifeline of higher education. The construction of teaching quality assurance system in applied universities is very important for the training of applied talents. In order to ensure the quality of personnel training, we should build a sound quality assurance system for applied talents in applied universities from the aspects of teacher team construction and practical teaching. To solve the deep difficulties and problems in the process of university transformation, it is necessary to take the road of characteristic development of local application-oriented undergraduate colleges and explore the construction of quality assurance system for talents in applied universities.


Applied Universities, Talents Training, Quality Assurance