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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of English Linguistics Course Based on Web-based Autonomous Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.213


Zhang Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ying


In College English majors, English is one of the compulsory courses and plays an important role in the development of students'English ability. Under the traditional education mode, there are many problems in English classroom teaching. The continuous development of information technology is widely used in people's life, work and research. Online self-learning has become a topic of common concern for both teachers and students. Modern education has successfully mastered various online educational resources and applied multimedia education to teaching courses. This paper focuses on College and University English teaching, analyses students'self-learning tendency in the network age, and puts forward some suggestions on teaching reform and meeting the needs of English education. The guiding effect of language course has been improved.


Online Autonomous Learning, English Linguistics, Classroom Teaching, Reform