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Innovation of Financial Management Teaching Content and Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.210


Yang Yu, Xue Ba

Corresponding Author

Xue Ba


The teaching concept of financial management should pay attention to the cultivation of students' abilities. Teachers should renew and improve teaching concepts and methods and improve teaching quality in the process of teaching. To develop diversified teaching, the article puts forward its own thinking based on the necessity of innovating teaching contents and methods of financial management. In the teaching process, situational simulation teaching method, multimedia teaching method and means are flexibly used according to the teaching content to enhance the attraction of teaching activities and fully mobilize the subjective initiative of students. In terms of teaching content, we should enrich the relevant content of financial governance and optimize the content of performance evaluation indicators. In order to improve the teaching effect, cultivate modern new financial management talents.


Financial Management, Teaching Content, Teaching Method