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Practical Research on the Flipping Classroom Teaching Model of Integration of Information Technology and Curriculum Based on "Intelligence Tree + SPOC"

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.209


Yang Qiong

Corresponding Author

Yang Qiong


Under the information environment, the popularity of mobile learning, distance education, online learning and ubiquitous learning is rising. The educational reform in the new era has become an inevitable adaptation of modern educational technology as the use of educational services. This paper studies the mode of "information technology and curriculum integration" based on SPOC + Digital Education Resource Platform (Smart Tree). The results show that teachers'experimental ability has the effect of improving learners' comprehensive ability and learning effect, avoiding teachers'repeated labor, and realizing innovative guidance. However, compared with traditional education, students'academic achievements are more obvious and teachers face greater challenges. Therefore, improving students'self-learning ability and teachers' information literacy is an important way to improve the effect of education.


Digital Education Resource Platform, Flipped Classroom Construction, Wisdom Tree, SPOC, Flipped Classroom, Professor Model, Applied Research