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Research on the Factors Affecting the Physical Exercise Behavior of College Students in China and the Effect of Self-management

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.207


Xue Tongzhao

Corresponding Author

Xue Tongzhao


The rapid development of science and technology has greatly affected China's social process, and the important decision-making factors of science and technology are facing tremendous changes in higher education. As a sports project of higher education, we must keep pace with the times and actively promote the development of higher education. The reality is that people's physical strength tends to decline. The development of physical fitness is closely related to physical exercise. With the modernization of production and life, people have leisure time to participate in sports. The state of exercise is not optimistic. It is the most correct and effective way to reveal the law of sports development by studying the value of sports physiology. Sports values and physical exercise are important components of campus culture, and they also affect China's politics, economy and culture. As the main method to improve the physical quality of modern college students, we should pay attention to physical exercise in sports and universities. College students tend to be uneasy about their way, but they have strong sense of self-efficacy and motivation. Their sense of self-efficacy and motivation vary with gender. If delayed action indicates motivation, gender has no moderating effect. This study combines the attitudes of college students'sports, and analyses the family factors, personal factors, school factors, social factors, as well as the effect of college students' self-management.


College Students'Physical Exercise Factors, Self-management, Higher Education, Physical Education, Sports Values, Physical Exercise Behavior