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Research on Cooperative Innovation of Practical Teaching in Tourism Management Major in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.206


Ping Xu

Corresponding Author

Ping Xu


As far as tourism colleges and universities are concerned, traditional teaching concepts can no longer meet the needs of the times. On the one hand, the guidance of the audience is no longer limited to the experience of the journey, but users care more about the feeling of service. On the other hand, users are no longer satisfied with the enjoyment of natural scenery, but also pay attention to the enjoyment of local flavor. As a result of cultural implications, innovative concepts of coordinated development emerged. In the new era, the cultivation of tourism management professionals in Colleges and universities should pay more attention to the cultivation of their qualities of coordinated development. In practice, improving the ability of coordinated development can be said that the ability of coordinated development and innovation has become the necessary skills for the development of the new era. Collaborative innovation research of Tourism Management Specialty in Colleges and universities is of great value and significance to break through the bottleneck of talent cultivation, realize the goal of "high employment" for students majoring in tourism management, and further improve the practical teaching system of tourism management specialty.


Tourism Management, Coordinated Development, Creation and Innovation, Full Employment