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Problems in College Students' Psychological Guidance and the Choice of Solutions

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.199


Lu Qing

Corresponding Author

Lu Qing


In recent years, various psychological problems have arisen among high-search students in China, which seriously affects their learning and health. The application of psychological counseling method in college students' ideological and political education is conducive to improving the scientificity and effectiveness of education and eliminating the negative impact of network on College students. Therefore, colleges and universities should attach importance to the development of this work in the future, and establish the status of student counseling in Colleges and universities. At the same time, we must work hard to create a counseling model that suits our own characteristics, so that psychological counseling can really play its due role. This paper analyzes the problems existing in college students' psychological counseling, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures. It hopes to provide reference for relevant educators.


Colleges and Universities, Psychological Counseling, Existing Problems