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Investigation on the Basic Characteristics of College Students' Psychological Stress

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.198


Liu Ying

Corresponding Author

Liu Ying


In this study, a self-designed questionnaire was used to investigate the psychological stress of 1000 college students from 10 universities in China. The results show that college students' psychological stress mainly comes from four aspects: employment crisis, love, teacher-student relationship and academic pressure. There are significant gender and grade differences in college students' psychological stress. The psychological stress of lower grade students in all aspects is significantly higher than that of the upper grades. Girls are higher than boys in career and academic pressure, and boys are more stressed than girls in family, love, physical fitness, adaptation and frustration. Conclusion: The overall psychological stress of college students is in good condition, and there are certain differences among different groups. Take appropriate measures for different groups to reduce their psychological pressure and promote their mental health.


Stress, College Students, Psychological Stress