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Research on the Model of Higher Mathematics Experiment Teaching Based on Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.197


Liu Yi

Corresponding Author

Liu Yi


In the process of educational informationization and new curriculum reform, the integration of information technology and curriculum has always been a hot issue of concern, especially in the teaching of Higher Mathematics in universities. As an abstract subject, higher mathematics is difficult to understand. How to present some difficult and abstract theoretical knowledge through today's information technology is a question we need to think about. Using computer multimedia technology and computer-aided mathematics software to vividly explain and display the more abstract or complex content of higher mathematics courses, a mathematical experiment teaching mode based on information technology is proposed. This model is conducive to students to understand the difficult points in the classroom, can not only achieve the specific teaching objectives of colleges and universities, but also improve students' comprehensive ability from all aspects, but also help to promote teaching reform, build a new teaching model, and improve students' information literacy.


Information Technology, Advanced Mathematics Experiment, Course Integration