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Effective Strategies of Collaborative Education of Ideological and Political Education and "Double Creation" Education for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.195


Huaigang Liu

Corresponding Author

Huaigang Liu


Ideal and belief education is an important part of College Students' moral education, and also one of the main contents of improving college students' ideological and moral accomplishment and basic quality. In our country, we promulgated the strategy of building a new type of country, and put forward the development strategy of "double creation". It makes the collaborative education mode of Ideological and political education and innovative entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities become the inevitable trend of the reform of political education in Colleges and universities. The integration of ideological and political education and dual education in the new era is a need to cope with the development of the times, to help cultivate innovative talents with firm socialist convictions, and to enhance students' innovative ability. Therefore, the realization of "double innovation" education and collaborative education is the main problem that needs to be solved urgently. This paper mainly analyzes the effective strategies for the coordinated education of college students' ideological and political education and "double innovation" education for reference.


Ideological and Political Education for College Students, "Double Creation" Education, Cooperative Education