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Reflections on the Innovative Course System of Dance Major in Secondary Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.194


Li Ran

Corresponding Author

Li Ran


The Decision of the State Council on Vigorously Developing Vocational Education clearly puts forward the policy of "Adhering to the service-oriented and employment-oriented vocational education" and "Reforming the traditional talent training mode centered on schools and classrooms", which fully reflects the advanced development direction of Vocational education. In recent years, the pace of innovation in secondary vocational education has gradually accelerated. In order to meet the needs of modern society and expand the new way out for dancing majors in secondary vocational education, dancing majors in secondary vocational education not only recruit primary school graduates, but also recruit junior middle school graduates to study dancing majors for three years. The two systems have different training objectives and learning tasks. We should establish multi-module characteristics of dance specialty in secondary vocational schools so as to realize the innovative development of dance specialization teaching in secondary vocational schools. Dance teaching should be gradual and diversified, and the teaching mode of "teaching, learning, practicing, performing and competition" should be implemented.


Secondary Vocational Education, Dance Major, Innovative Curriculum System, Thinking