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The Training Reform of Students' Practical Ability in Social Sports Majors of Agricultural and Forestry Universities under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.077


HuHu Lian, XiaoWei Di

Corresponding Author

HuHu Lian


In the context of innovation and entrepreneurship, it is necessary and urgent to reform the training patterns according to the national policy orientation and the development of universities, colleges, majors and students themselves. Especially for the PE majors in agriculture and forestry universities, it is of great importance to seek the innovation. Therefore, Sichuan Agricultural University proposed the reform plans and analyzed its feasibility: To reposition the major and find out the characteristics; Innovation on campus practical platform; To reasonably increase practice credits and academic period; To reform teaching methods and evaluation methods; To strengthen the integration of schools and enterprises and build bases for agriculture; To guide students to participate actively in scientific research practice. Under the reform, the following results have been achieved: The establishment of the platform has greatly enhanced the students' sense of belonging in majors; The increase of practice credits has greatly stimulated students' interest in learning; The various teaching methods has truly realized "Teachers are guides, students are subjects"; The more practice bases has broadened the student's employment; The improvement of students' scientific research ability has strengthened students' social adaptability.


Agricultural and forestry universities, Practical ability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, PE majors.