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Action Research as a Model for the Enhancement of Communicative Competence among Learners of English as a Foreign Language in Mainland China

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.192


Jiao Yanwei

Corresponding Author

Jiao Yanwei


There are various approaches of language teaching, in which communicative language teaching is the dominant approach worldwide. CLT approach allows language learners to express themselves and their views through collaborative activities undertaken during classes. Communicative competence is a crucial part of language competence, which accounts most for language learners. Thus, the research on the enhancement of communicative competence is significant. Though there are already some studies exploring the improvement of learners’ communicative competence, there are few researches on enhancing the communicative competence of learners of English as a foreign language in mainland China. To address the issue of Chinese learners’ weakness in communicative competence, this research adopts a CLT approach to seek for solutions for the problems in English language teaching and learning in mainland China.


Communicative Language Teaching, Communicative Competence, Enhancement