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Intercultural Education of English Subjects and Critical Reading Teaching in College English

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.188


Jie Feng

Corresponding Author

Jie Feng


With the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and the improvement of its international status, there are more and more dialogues and exchanges between China and the world. The "one belt and one way" initiative and the establishment of the free trade area play an important role in international exchanges and cooperation. As an important language tool for international communication, English plays an important role in the development of different disciplines such as economy, culture and politics. Starting from the current situation of College English teaching, this paper points out the communication barriers caused by the differences between Chinese and Western cultures in the process of College English teaching, and puts forward corresponding solutions. While enriching college students'English professional knowledge, we should improve students' learning ability of cross-cultural education in English subject through English speculative reading teaching.


English Education, Cultural Education, Speculative Reading Teaching