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School Music Education and the Inheritance of National Music Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.187


Yuli Chen

Corresponding Author

Yuli Chen


As a country with multi-ethnic culture and ancient civilization, the national music culture contains the spiritual and cultural wealth of China as a whole. In school music education, all teachers must have the internal image and content of music. In terms of music, I noticed that the motherland is a river and a mountain, and through my notes I have experienced 5000 years of Chinese civilization and culture. I focus on hard work and struggle, and ultimately work hard for the better construction of my hometown. It is hoped that the combination of the actual educational situation in which the music education in schools plays the role of inheriting the national music culture can bring some help to the teachers in the same profession. Current education is an important direction to further develop national music culture. While discussing the inheritance of music culture and deepening music education in schools, this paper explores the significance of inheritance of national music culture in school music education, and puts forward a series of Implementation Paths of national music culture in the process of inheritance.


School Music Education, Inheritance of National Music Culture, Reflection, Cultural Inheritance