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Analysis on the Reform of Practical Teaching Mode of Art Design Major

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.184


Sui Yan

Corresponding Author

Sui Yan


The art and design professional practice teaching is to cultivate students creative ability and innovative ability an important teaching link, art design works (product) of the embodiment of social application value, be sure to request and production skills to connect with social practice, and social competitiveness of students employment practice and practice of school education stage put forward higher requirements; In the current national vocal supporters of the premise of cultivating students' innovative ability, practice teaching of art design specialty is bound to get rid of the teaching mode dominated by theory teaching, according to the nature and feature of professional characteristics analysis of the internal, applied practice and the integration of theoretical teaching, study its intrinsic logic and connection, with the existing teaching conditions photograph echo, form a practical and productive practice teaching system for students majoring in arts design.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, practice curriculum, teaching reform