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Research on the Innovation of the Professional Teaching in the Perspective of Speech Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.183


Lv Wei

Corresponding Author

Lv Wei


Speech communication is different from mass communication and pays attention to interpersonal communication. It involves interpersonal relationship, work communication in enterprises and institutions, public communication, cross-cultural communication and so on. Whether it is radio and television broadcasting, hosting, or news reports and interviews, it based on the individual, media communication channels under the “people” speech communication. Individual language communication and comprehensive communication ability should be the core ability of radio and television language talents. This ignored by broadcasting and hosting art education at present. The theory of interpersonal communication in speech communication can enrich the theoretical soil of broadcasting and host the major, and can expand the host of broadcasting. Hold the professional development space. Broadcasting and hosting the teaching of art specialty should expand from mass communication to new media and interpersonal communication, and actively open up the territory of teaching innovation and research. The mature theoretical system of western communication will provide support for broadcasting and hosting professional teaching practice.


Keywords broadcast host Speech communication Innovation