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The meaning of service marketing in modern service industry

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.180


Yongjing Yao

Corresponding Author

Yongjing Yao


In the 21st century, all walks of life in China’s tertiary industry will definitely show their talents. Service marketing in the modern service industry will also become an important means and weapon for business operations, as in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. “Service Economy” is a relatively blank research field in China (quoted from Wang Luolin's “China Service Industry Development Report NO.3”, Social Science Literature Publishing House, December 2004, first edition). China is still in the enlightenment stage for service theory and service marketing. The analysis and trend of “service economy” is still rare. In the actual business, the development of the service industry and related new industries and new technologies has advanced by leaps and bounds, and research and discussion in this area are very scarce. As a systematically written literature from the perspective of service marketing, it can be said that it is rare. Therefore, the author combines the study of the latest service marketing theory during study abroad and foreign visits, and makes a combing of the meaning of service marketing, which can play a certain role in the overall development and expansion of the service industry. This paper starts with the practical issues of the composition, development and business process of the service, service industry and the entire tertiary industry, and defines the meaning of service marketing.


Modern service industry, service, service marketing, meaning