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Research on the Design of Mixed Learning Mode of College General Education in the Mobile Internet Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.178


Shi Fei

Corresponding Author

Shi Fei


With the widespread popularity of the Internet in the world, the educational models of colleges and universities in China have entered a new era. Judging from the current actual teaching situation, it is not difficult to find that most excellent teachers have a high sense of identity in the mixed learning mode under the background of the mobile Internet environment, and they prefer to use this kind of teaching. The model to further enhance its own teaching activities. At the same time, after the application of the comprehensive learning mode of the general education courses in colleges and universities to a certain extent, relevant educators quickly discovered: network broadband or network traffic, college students' active participation in online learning, colleges and universities. Different factors such as the students' own information literacy, the educational skills of the relevant university subject teachers themselves, etc. will have an impact on the actual teaching results.


Mobile internet environment, college general education, mixed learning model, design research