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Research on the Cultivation of Professional Quality of Higher Vocational Tourism Professionals Based on the Spirit of Craftsman

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.176


Liu Zhenghua

Corresponding Author

Liu Zhenghua


With the development of the times, China's education level has produced tremendous innovation. In order to effectively combine the needs of the development of the industry, the tourism industry workers must pursue the optimization of quality and use the first-class service to meet the basic needs of users. This is the “artisan spirit” that the tourism industry must possess. At this stage, colleges and universities have a lack of understanding of the “artisan spirit” in the tourism industry. In fact, the “artisan spirit” is the only way in the development of the tourism industry, and is the objective of the development of the tourism industry to a certain height. Need, it is the direction of the development of tourism professionals. As an important place to cultivate professional applied talents, higher vocational colleges need to integrate the “artisan spirit” into the curriculum system, adopt the most high-quality talent training mode, and create a professional tourism with sufficient “artisan spirit”. A team of professional teachers provides the driving force for the professional growth of students.


Craftsmanship, core, higher vocational education, tourism major