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Research on talent training standards and curriculum development of jewelry design and craft major in higher vocational colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.174


Kong Yuanyuan, Yang Li

Corresponding Author

Kong Yuanyuan


China's jewelry consumption has entered a period of prosperity. The production contradiction of jewelry industry changes from the backward processing technology and the lack of market cognition to the contradiction of professional talents at the high-tech level. In order to further strengthen the professional and technical abilities and professional development capabilities of jewelry design and craft professionals in higher vocational colleges, it is proposed that the international standards for professional certification should be based on the demand of the jewelry industry chain and be higher than the technical requirements of the industry. We will develop standards for highly skilled and high-quality applied talents for sustainable development, establish a highly integrated model for the training of highly qualified applied talents that includes teaching, learning, doing, certification, business applications and competitions, and establish a curriculum system for the integration of academic credentials, which efforts to provide the jewelry industry with sustainable development of high skills, high-quality applied talents.


Higher vocational colleges, jewelry design and craft major, talent training standards, curriculum development