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Analysis of Teaching Treatment Strategy of Foreign Students Majoring in Overseas Chinese Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.172


Cao Qinming, Li Jun

Corresponding Author

Cao Qinming


Along with the rapid economical development and the enhancement of China’s international standing, “Chinese fever” continues to heat up all around the world. More and more foreign students come to study in China. Foreign students education has become an important part of higher education in China. Currently, teaching treatment strategy of foreign students majoring in oversea Chinese education is the difficulty and weakness of foreign students education in Chinese universities, and it requires further research and exploration. In this essay, the author makes an analysis of the method and mode of overseas Chinese education, and searches the teaching treatment strategies of foreign students in different kind, different level and the teaching treatment strategies of overseas Chinese teacher training.


Overseas Chinese education, teaching treatment, strategy