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Research on the Teaching Mode of Digital Image for Art Design Specialty in the era of Multimedia Information

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.169


Zhang Shenghui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Shenghui


The integration of art and science will become the mainstream of the human thought culture in the 21st century. The division of human into the digital age, the natural science, the social science and the human science is becoming more and vaguer, and the development and research of the crosscutting of the subject has become an important content of the teaching and research of the university. The idea of integrated development of art design education also rose. The art design education in the multimedia information era is very different from the traditional educational model. The arrival of the multimedia information era has brought great changes to the art design education, and the long-established design-teaching mode with the art teaching as the main body has not been able to adapt to the requirements of the training of the cross-century talents in 2005. The research of interdisciplinary and the effective application of digital media have become the key problems to solve in design education. This paper discusses the reform of the teaching mode of digital media art specialty. It considered that optimizing the general basic course platform is beneficial to strengthen the students' design literacy, refine the professional direction, construct the modular curriculum system, and have the function of deepening the professional study. It is helpful to improve the students' vocational skills and enhance the employment competitiveness and entrepreneurial innovation ability.


Multimedia information era Art design Teaching mode