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Economic Operation Mode and National Economy Regulation of Modern Marxist National Economics

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.166


Xiaohan Tian

Corresponding Author

Xiaohan Tian


National economics, whose theoretical basis is directly derived from political economy, is a subject category and scientific proposition for studying the operation mechanism and management methods of national economy; it is the promotion and application of Marxist economics, and also the applied macroscopic empirical economics which combines general economy principles, administrative management and social statistics. The fundamental mode of economic system operation is the countermeasure process of the government and the public on the basis of incomplete information guided by limited role of market mechanism; and national economy regulation of the process of withdrawing capital from one production area and transferring it to another due to the increase or decrease of the market value caused by imbalance; both of them are all important aspects of national economics research. On the basis of summarizing and analyzing previous research works, this paper analyzes the economic operation mode and national economy regulation of modern Marxist national economics from the perspectives of basic framework, core category, conceptual connection and mathematical model with the method of national income theory and macro analysis theory. The study results of this paper provide a certain reference for further research on Marxist national economics.


Modern Marxism, National economics, Economic operation mode, National economy regulation