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Discussion on the new teaching ideas of traditional Chinese medicine for promoting vascular regeneration in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.164


Jianpeng Li, Zheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wang


In recent years, research on the effects of traditional Chinese medicine on angiogenesis has become a hot topic. Although the basic research of angiogenesis has gradually deepened, clinical research needs to be strengthened, especially how to teach this method to students in order to achieve good technical inheritance. Based on this, this paper explores the teaching effects of different teaching modes in the teaching of peripheral vascular diseases. Interns were divided into observation group and control group, and the control group was taught by traditional theory teaching mode (LBL); The observation group adopts a theoretical teaching combined case-oriented (CBL) teaching model. The results show that traditional teaching combined with CBL teaching mode can significantly improve the clinical teaching effect of vascular surgery, improve students' practical ability and analytical ability.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Promoting Angiogenesis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Teaching Research