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Practical Exploration of Clinical Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment in Ophthalmology Teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.163


Tingheng Jin

Corresponding Author

Tingheng Jin


In recent years, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical ophthalmology has gradually become the focus of eye scientists and doctors at home and abroad. In clinical practice, we combine the essence of both Chinese and Western medicine, using modern ophthalmic instruments to examine many eye diseases, especially the diagnosis of eye diseases, changing the concept of past vagueness, attaching importance to various tests, and the occurrence of eye diseases. New understanding of the whole process of pathogenesis, pathological changes and prognosis. According to the characteristics of clinical ophthalmology teaching, this paper aims at the problems existing in the traditional medical teaching mode, and applies the clinical dialectical treatment to the clinical ophthalmology teaching of integrated Chinese and Western medicine. It not only enriches the dialectical means and content, but also provides a reliable basis for the treatment, which makes the practice of integrated Chinese and Western medicine in clinical teaching feasible and inevitable.


Integrative Chinese and Western medicine, Clinical ophthalmology, Syndrome differentiation and treatment, Teaching method