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Research on the Differences of Social Foundation Development between Border Areas and Central Region Cities under Open Conditions

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.161


Xiangyun Dong, Wei Weng

Corresponding Author

Xiangyun Dong


The governance and development of the frontier is related to the development of the whole country. Compared with the cities in the central region, the development of the social foundation of the frontier cities in China is relatively backward. The reasons for its backwardness are complicated. This paper analyses the reasons for the backward development of social foundation in frontier areas and the differences between frontier areas and central cities. Based on the principal component analysis, this paper makes a quantitative study of the cities in the frontier and central regions. On this basis, it studies the development status, existing problems, development potential and conditions, and differences in competitiveness of frontier cities. Combining with the requirements of the construction of “two-oriented society”, it puts forward that regional economy, industry, factor flow and other aspects should be strengthened through independent innovation, and regional cooperation should be promoted. Developing modern service economy and other strategies to foster competitiveness and coordinated development, this paper gives some suggestions and prospects for the development of frontier social foundation.


Opening Conditions, Social Foundation Development, Border Areas